Wichita Roofing Companies: Which Decking Materials Should You Choose?

If you want to install a proper roof deck, Wichita roofing companies are here to show you your options. There’s quite a lot to choose from, but we’ll concentrate on the most popular three so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

  • Oriented strand board roof decks are very common in the United States. They’re very cheap and resistant to the effects of moisture. You don’t want your roof deck rotting in the first few weeks of use, so that’s a boon to begin with.
  • Of course, if you want a truly durable solution you’ll go for plywood. It’s generally more expensive, but if you can spare the dime, you’ll find yourself in good hands. Plus, it’s even more effective against rot that could otherwise set in.
  • For those that truly don’t care for price tags, your best choice would be to get some insulation panels for your roof deck. Besides, you’ll make up your investment in the long run. Since it insulates your roof very well, you’ll save a lot of money on powering your HVAC system.

Before making a hasty decision and choosing the wrong material, interview multiple Wichita roofing companies to see what solution fits your roof best.