Living Roofs as an Alternative to Classic Dallas Roofing Products

We are used to think of Dallas roofing products as shingles, tiles, metal or a whole range of plastic materials, but roofers currently surprise us with new forms that could very soon be embraced by many homeowners.

Probably one of the most shocking alternative materials used in modern roofing, living roofs are not so new, but they have started to gain the appreciation of the public only recently.

A living roof consists of four basic elements:

  • A roof deck to support the remaining of the construction;
  • A protective barrier – mostly rolls of HDPE – to prevent water from reaching the deck;
  • A layer of soil;
  • Plants, which give the name of the entire construction.

The plants are in the majority of cases indigenous or brought from other regions with comparable climate, in order to make sure that they will not die due to climate differences.

This type of roof has an obvious advantage related to the impact it has on the local ecosystem. Planting foliage always helps the environment, and living roofs are designed for this reason, besides their distinct look.

So, when you think of renewing your roof, consider a living roof as a viable alternative to classic Dallas roofing products. Also consider CLC Roofing to preform all your roofing services – they are the best in our opinion!