Houston Roofing Options Explained – Wood Shakes Advantages

According to Houston roofing contractors, wood shakes represent an excellent solution for covering vacation homes, rustic cottages or countryside houses. Besides offering you information about the material’s features, professionals also present the benefits it comes with.
Here are only some of them:
 Great resistance is one of the biggest points this roofing material scores. Designed to last between 30 and 50 years, the wood shakes deal excellently with a wide range of weather factors, especially with hailstorms and winds blowing with up to 245 miles/hour.
 Wood shakes are also very cost effective, mainly because they provide a good insulation of the attic, thanks to the felt layer set underneath them. As a result, the air flows properly inside the attic space, keeping the temperature inside at a constant level. This allows you to make considerable savings on cooling and heating the home.
 A great aesthetic value is another important benefit wood shakes bring. On one hand, over time, the material develops a beautiful, silver-grey patina, regardless of the hardwood variety it incorporates. On the other hand, it offers charm to the building.
 For keeping a wood shakes roof in the best conditions for a longer period of time, it has to be periodically cleaned of moss. You can rely on Guardian Roof Systems Houston roofing professionals for this, as most specialized companies in the area perform this operation as part of the services package they provide.