Highlands Ranch Dentists Explain The Process Of Whitening

For the sole reason that more and more people are getting teeth whitening treatments, Highlands Ranch dentists took it as a mission to explain to us all what to expect.

When you look at pictures of celebrities and you see that “perfect” smile, it makes you want to get the same instantly. The “perfect” teeth that you see in pictures are actually implants, dentures or just dental veneers. Those are fake teeth, and they are usually done in a short period for obvious reasons.

If you are looking for the same result, you probably know about the chemical procedure of teeth whitening. It is done in the dentist’s office and it includes fluorine. That chemical is responsible for the bright white teeth that you see everywhere. But, what happens when you overdo it?

There have been several reported cases, in which people had to get other dental procedures done as the fluorine has deteriorated the enamel. Long-term exposure to this chemical will weaken the tooth making it vulnerable. It does not show through cavities, but dentist Highlands Ranch professionals say that patients experience pain when ingesting hot or cold foods and liquids, as the dentine is more exposed.