Denver Plumbing Services for Clogged Toilets

For those that had to go through the embarrassing “clogged toilet at a friend’s house” situation, plumbers from Denver plumbing services are here to help you out.

Whether it happened at home with a house full of guests or at a friend’s house, we all had to deal with that embarrassing moment. Lucky for us, there is a way to get out of that horrible situation without making it worse.

If you ever encounter this problem, whatever you do, do not flush multiple times. You can see the water rising. There is no need to flood the entire bathroom. Let the water go down slowly and look for a plunger. Once the water is at normal level, use the plunger to pump the obstacle out. If that does not work, look for something that is highly acid. If you can find any kind of cleaning supplies, then you are in luck. Those have a great amount of hydrogen chloride and sulfuric acid. Just pour it in the toilet and let it work for 10 minutes before flushing again.

Plumbers from the top Denver neighborhoods say that you can even try using mouthwash in a situation like this one as it also contains acids strong enough to unclog the toilet.